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Klui Flute



The Thai Klui (or khlui) flute is one of the most common Thai wind instruments. Similar to the shaku-hachi. In early times the khlui was made from bamboo. Most modern instruments are made from hardwood. After cutting and hollowing , the instrument is carefully dried out over a fire. On the front side, small , round holes are drilled in a row over which the fingers are placed, lifting the fingers from the holes creates the different musical pitches for the flute. No reed is used, the mouthpiece consists of a piece of wood. The type of mouthpiece is usually referred to in Western musical terminology as the "recorder-type" mouthpiece. The instrument requires great skill in playing. Different air pressures, positions of the lips and angles at which the air is directed, all these influence the tone and pitch, and great subleties can achieved.
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